Visit the official site of Panathinaikos FC
Visit the official site of Panathinaikos FC

Panathinaikos Athletic Club was established by George Kalafatis in 1908.
At first, Panathinaikos comprised only one department, the football team. Before it takes the name PAO, in 1908 it was calld POA (Football Club of Athens or in Greek: Podosferikos Omilos Athinon),in 1909 it changed to PPO (Panhellenic Football Club or in greek: Panellinios Podosferikos Omilos), in 1918 to PPAO (Panhellenic Football and Athletic Club or in greek: Panellinios Podosferikos kai Agonistikos Omilos) and, finally, in 1924 to the well known name of PAO (Panathenian Athletic Club or in greek: Panathinaikos Athlitikos Omilos).
As the years went by, Panathinaikos established many others sport departments (21 in total).

The departments of Panathinaikos cover a great variety of sports. The most important are:
  1. The Football department, established in 1908.
  2. The Basketball department, established in 1937.
  3. The Volleyball department, established in 1927.
  4. The Water Polo department.
  5. The Classic Athletics department, established in the 30's.
  6. The Swimming (also included Water Polo)department, established in 1950.
  7. The Shooting department, established in the early 40's.
  8. The Table-Tennis department, established in 1935.
  9. The Boxing department, established in 1948.
  10. The Fencing department, established in 1960.
  11. The Wrestling department, established in 1965.
  12. The Gymnastics department, established in 1965.
  13. The Water Ski department, established in 1965.
  14. The Weight Lifting department, established in 1963.
  15. The Cycling department, established in 1928, and
  16. the Chess department, established in 1959.

In 1979, the Panathinaikos Football Club became a body corporate under the presidence of George Vardinoyannis. In 1998, the same situation occured as far as the basketball department is concerned. President of the basketball company, Pavlos Giannakopoulos.

Over the course of the 90 and so years, Panathinaikos has performed a great number of achievments:

  1. It is the first football club that created other athletic departments.
  2. It the first football club that constructed a privately owned football field, in 1921. The glorious and legendary field of Alexandras Avenue.
  3. Panathinaikos had hired the first foreign coach, Mr. Forner, in Greece.
  4. It was the first football club that constructed shuttle with seats.
  5. It was the first team that played during the evening, in Alexandras Avenue.
  6. It was the first club that established a fan club.
  7. The first athletic club that constructed a roofed stadium.
  8. Thanks to Panathinaikos, Voleyball and Basketball were introduced to the people of Greece.
  9. It was the first football club that established an academy for young people.
  10. The Alexandras Avenue football field was the first football field that was covered by grass.
  11. PAO is the first club that established their own official history museum.
  12. Last but -not at all- least, Panathinaikos is the first and only one greek football club that has ever played in European Champioships' Cup Final, in 1971.