Visit the official site of Panathinaikos FC
Visit the official site of Panathinaikos FC

Established: 1908
Home: Olympic Stadium
As it has already been mentioned, Panathinaikos Football Club was established in 1908. In 1911 PAO FC wins the first greek championship organised by SEGAS and almost 30 years later (1940) wins its first national cup. In 1959 the first division is established and PAO FC is the first club to win the title! In the season of '63-'64 wins the title of the Greek Champion without losing by any other team! In 1971 the most glorious moment of the takes place, as Panathinaikos played in the final of the European Champions' Cup. For more details click here . PAO FC has also qualified to the semifinals of the specific Cup two more times, in 1984 and in 1996. During the ninety years of its existence, Panathinaikos has won many national championships and cups and intends to continue its remarkable history in the same way!.

Giorgos Vardinoyiannis was used to be the longest-lasting chairman of the club ( 1979-2000 ). The present day, Argiris Mitsou is the chairman of the team, but the real boss is Yannis Vardinoyannis, nephew of Giorgos.

Club Details
 Establisher: Georgios Kalafatis :: Owner: Prasini Symmachia (Green Alliance) :: Chairman: Yiannis Alafouzos
 Address:  Irodou Attikou 12A, 15121
 Phones:  2108093630, 2108093644 (FAX)